Captured Moments

by Katie

Have you have looked in the mirror and struggled to see your beauty? Sure, you’ll have those days where you look in the mirror and feel good about what we see, but it is very likely that more often than not you critique yourself. We all compare ourselves to these celebrities we see plastered everywhere, but in reality, those pictures have been altered so much that the person in the photo doesn’t even look like that. My goal is to help my clients see what others see when they look at them, and realize that they are beautiful.

Watching client’s attitudes change throughout the sessions is an incredible experience. Once they see sneak peaks of the photos, they realize that they are beautiful and they start to open up more in the photoshoot, letting their true personalities show through. I truly believe that everyone should get professional photos taken at some point in their lives, whether by me or by someone else. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.